Not just a Memecoin, Mike is more... A Meme + Superutility Project that is partnered with CoinAI

Next Gen AI-Powered protocol, utilizing an advanced insurance fund system to ensure a safe and steady regular passive income



AI-Powered Innovation: Mike Token's Memecoin Revolution

Our mission is to democratize access to the most advanced blockchain technologies, making them user-friendly, efficient, and customizable for individuals from all walks of life.

Our Mission

Revolutionizing Memecoin

AI-powered trading, DeFi, gaming, and metaverse solutions

Maximizing investments with intelligent strategies and arbitrage

Accessible Blockchain Tech

Making advanced tech customizable for all

Navigating crypto confidently with AI

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How to buy


buy tokens
image how to buy

1. Go to Buy page

Click on 'Buy MKT' button to enter the buy page

image how to buy

2. Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet to the site choosing BNBChain

image how to buy

3. Choose the pairs to swap

Choose the token you want to pay. Then, find MKT token in the list or add it manually by entering MKT address

image how to buy

4. Buy MKT token

Push the Swap button, confirm the transaction and you have the MKT in your wallet


Innovation Unleashed. Future Driven.

Embark on an exciting roadmap with Mike Token: Innovations and milestones shaping our future.

Q3, 2023

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Staking: Launch of staking platform. An MKT rewarding pool where users can stake their Mike tokens and harvest more MKT. Introduce of a unique USDT rewarding pool where users can stake their MKT and harvest USDT. Note: The reward of this pool will be provided by CoinAI Trading Protocol.

Farms : Launch of Mike Token's farming platform, allowing users to stake their tokens and earn rewards. Introduce of initial farming pools with attractive APYs to incentivize participation. Conduct thorough audits and security checks to ensure the safety of users' funds.

Q4, 2023

Expanding Farming Horizons: Expanding the selection of farming pools, if necessary introducing new pairs and innovative staking options.

Engaging in strategic partnerships to bring exclusive farming opportunities to the Mike Token community.

NFT : Launch of the Mike Token special edition NFTs and based on the team’s decision possibly an NFT Marketplace, providing a platform for creators to mint and sell unique digital NFTs and assets.

Collaboration with talented artists to curate a diverse collection of Mike - themed NFTs. Implementing a user-friendly interface for seamless buying, selling, and trading of NFTs.

Artistic Expressions: Organizing NFT drops and collaborations with prominent artists, celebrities, and brands to expand the range of collectibles.

Engaging and collaborating with OpenSea for the marketplace functionality with advanced search and discovery features, enabling users to find their desired NFTs and to make seamless NFT transactions.

Introducing Passive Income elements to the Mike NFTs, offering interactive experiences and rewards tied to the Mike special NFTs.

Q1, 2024

Advance Artificial Intelligence Powered Trade Protocols (CoinAI): Collaborating with CoinAI.app and introducing the CoinAI Pools, empowering users to earn USDT by staking USDT in a high yield pool.

Collaboration with AI experts, blockchain developers and data scientists not only to develop and improve trading and arbitrage protocols but also to build captivating and informative AI visualizations for crypto industry.

Providing educational resources and tutorials to help users understand the practical applications of AI in various fields of crypto technology.

Q2, 2024

DeFi Innovations: Further expansion of the range of farming pools, incorporating new tokens and innovative staking mechanisms.

Implementing cross-chain compatibility, allowing users to farm and stake their Mike Tokens on multiple blockchain networks. Introduction of AI yield optimization strategies and automated farming tools, such as bots and apps to enhance user returns.

Governance Platform: In our continual quest to create a more interactive and user-driven network, our next major step will be launching the Governance Platform. This will be a comprehensive, blockchain-based system that allows for transparent decision-making across our network. Stakeholders will be able to participate directly in the decision-making process, helping to shape the future of our organization. Through this platform, each voice will be heard, and every idea will be valued, fostering a true sense of collective ownership and accountability. By integrating state-of-the-art voting and discussion features, our Governance Platform will empower our community like never before to drive innovation, co-create, and directionally steer the path forward.


Meet our Team

Meet the talented team driving the success of Mike Token.


Co-founder & Head of Community

David, Co-founder and Head of Community at Mike Token, utilizes his experience to drive project success. With a user-centric approach and strategic vision, he fosters engagement and facilitates growth for the project.


CEO & Co-founder

Edwin, the visionary CEO of Mike Token, drives innovative solutions in DeFi, Gaming, and the Metaverse. His commitment and enthusiasm lead to unprecedented success in memecoins and blockchain.


Co-founder & Marketing Manager

Xilantrovo, Co-founder and Marketing Manager of Mike Token, drives growth and success in the cryptocurrency industry through his extensive marketing experience and expertise.

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Disclaimer: Mike Token project is not related to the Monsters movies. We simply admire the characters.

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